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Class Descriptions


Reiki Level I Certification- Learn the history and technique of this ancient healing art. Receive your first attunement as well as the basic principles and techniques of Reiki. Review the history of Reiki. You will leave empowered to use the universal life energy to heal your self and others.


Reiki Level II Certification- Learn advanced Reiki technique including sacred symbols, emotional balancing and long distance healing. Receive your second attunement. Learn breathing exercises to help empower your healing.


A.R.T- Advanced Reiki Training- Required to move to Master Level. Review and use your symbols for sessions. Receive first of the three Master symbols to empower your healing. Learn and review the 7 basic Chakra's and energy systems. Starter crystal kit included as well as attunement to new symbol.


Reiki Master Level Certification- Graduation and Final attunement. Come to understand the art of giving and receiving an attunement. Learn the Master symbols. Share your experiences with Reiki and how it affects your life and growth.


Karuna® Levels I & II- *Prerequisite: Usui Advanced Reiki Training or Reiki Master Practitioner*

Practitioner levels 1 & 2 include attunements & instruction for eight powerful symbols with specific uses including: clearing past trauma & old beliefs & patterns; bringing in healing energy, connecting with spiritual guidance; grounding for self & clients, creating priorities & manifesting goals, listening to one's true self, healing the Earth, and much more.


Karuna® Levels III & Master- In this class, you will learn to teach all levels of Karuna Reiki, and be attuned to the Master symbol. Upon completion, students will receive manuals & certificates from the International Center for Reiki Training, and be Registered Karuna Masters with the Center.


Shamballa- The Intention of Shamballa Reiki is to ground healing & evolutionary energies into the Earth & her beings. Shamballa is defined as the collective consciousness of the Ascended & Galactic Masters.

Levels I & II- Include attunements, hands-on practice, and powerful-guided journeys to release whatever may be limiting you in any way, and to bring in the Mahatma Energy.

Levels III & Master- Include attunements & how to give attunements, hands-on practice, along with powerful symbols and understand of the UNCONDTIONAL source energy.


All other classes previously listed can and will be taught

Please contact us for more information concerning classes

(315) 416-9291